Adding vCard QRCodes to each card in MyCards

Some helpful information

When you log into your MyCards order, you will be greeted with a screen similar to the image on the left. This is the basket which is the main view, your card design will be shown at the top

To create a card click on the button 'Add a new card'. This will create a card in your order and open the editing screen

This is where you can add your own text for the card holder and add their photograph. There are two buttons directly below the image of the card you are editing (see below)

How to add the QRCode

The button 'Add or change the photo' is the button to click for adding the persons photograph

To add the QR code click the button 'Change image barcode'

Looking at the images below, it is very important that when you load the QR code image you must resize the crop box all the way out to the edges of the image

This will result in the QR code being properly visible in the design and scans will be successful