Drone Pilot ID Cards


Who needs a Drone Pilot ID Card?

Simple answer is that if you fly a drone, then you need one!

If your drone has a camera or weighs 250g or more then you need to be registered with the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority.) You will need to take a 40 question theory test and get a Flyer ID. This Flyer ID number is free, valid for 5 years and can be done online with the CAA. You will also need to obtain an Operator ID. To do this you need to be over the age of 18. The Operator ID is valid for 12 months. To find out more information about the test, flyer ID and operator ID then you can see more below or visit www.caa.co.uk or register-drones.caa.co.uk

Why carry a Drone Pilot ID Card?

Carrying a Drone Pilot ID Card is the best and easiest way to show that you are allowed to fly a drone. Our ID cards show your name, Operator ID, Flyer ID and essentially a photo of you. Our double sided Drone Pilot ID cards also have a magnetic strip, a signature strip and a QR code on the rear that when scanned takes you directly to the CAA website.

Like all of our cards, our Drone Pilot Cards are made from biodegradable plastic and measure 86mm by 54mm (3.37 inches by 2.13 inches.) This is the same size as a credit card so they fit perfectly in wallets and purses.

Carrying one of our Drone Pilot ID Cards shows that you are legally allowed to fly a drone.

Drone Pilot Identification Card

What is an Operator ID?

The operator ID is essentially your registration number and is held by the person who is responsible for managing and maintaining the drone. Your Operator number must be labeled on your drone, it is against the law not to do this.

What is a Flyer ID?

The flyer ID shows that you have passed the theory test and are allowed to fly a drone. There is no age limit for this but if you’re under 13 you must have a parent or guardian with you when you take the test.

Drone Pilot Identification Card

How can you get a Drone Pilot Identification Card?

You'll be pleased to know there are two different ways! You can either visit our main website, fill in the personalisation box and email us a photo to images@thecardproject.uk or you can visit our dynamic website and upload the information yourself

Remember, for our drone pilot ID cards you have a choice between our single sided and our double sided card. To order your card, then just click one of the buttons below. Order before 2pm for same day dispatch (if ordering on our standalone website then you need to have sent us all the information for this to apply!)

How to order from The Card Project UK

Order from our Dynamic Website

To upload your card then click below and lets get started! It's super quick and super simple and of course, you get to see your card before it's printed!

Order from our Standalone Website

Just order the card, fill in the personalisation box then email us your photo to images@thecardproject.uk Click below to get started!

Did you know... 1. Drones are used for many things like search and rescue, surveillance, photography and videography, traffic and weather monitoring and even firefighting. 2. The highest flying commercial drone is approx 22,000 feet however, here in the UK you can't fly above 400 feet in altitude or 500 meters horizontally. You must always stay at least 1 km away from aircraft, airports and airfields. 3. Drones weren't always called drones; they were first called Remotely piloted vehicles or RVPs for short. I'm sure you'll agree that drone is a little more catchy! 4, It's estimated that by 2028 the drone market will be worth approx $501.4 billion.