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How to design & Order

You can build orders containing up to 99 holders in IDCreative and IDLoader

Any design you have open in IDCreative, you can press F7 to open the 'multi Editor' window (shown on the right in the image above). In this window you can type in or paste CSV text into the white panel shown. Column headers are automatically added to the large text box.

You can also nominate a folder which contains images, and if one of your fields is called 'Image' or 'Photo' then the photo with the same name will be loaded automatically. Even better, if the aspect ratio isn't quite right in the image, the 'photo' icon for that card holder will be orange or red indicating that you should crop the photo (takes two clicks)

Once you have your order of cards, simply click the large green 'export' button and send your file to any bureau for print. You will be reminded to add your postal address into the order when you export it. Better still, you can upload your order at this very website (here) to order and pay for your cards instantly!

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