Superhero In Training
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Unlock Their Power: Superhero in Training Cards for Future Heroes

Does your child ever daydream about donning a cape, soaring through the skies, and saving the day? Well, their exciting superhero journey begins right here!

These novelty Superhero In Training ID cards are designed to give your child an authentic superhero experience. When your child holds their very own Superhero Card, they will be transported into a world of epic adventures and daring escapades! The ID card will bear their real name, date of birth, and of course, their all important superhero name. And let's not forget their superpowers! Will they have super speed, incredible strength, or perhaps the ability to fly?

Our superhero ID cards are not just full of fun; they're also environmentally friendly. Made from bio-degradable materials, they're kind to our planet, just like a real superhero would be!

The cards are single-sided and measure 86mm by 54mm, the same size as a standard credit card or 3.38 inches by 2.13 inches. This ensures they're the perfect size for little hands to hold and show off to friends.

Remember, every great hero starts somewhere. With these Superhero-In-Training Cards, your child's extraordinary journey begins!

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