Colostomy, Stoma, Ostomy

Why use a Colostomy/Stoma/Ostomy Travel Card?

A colostomy bag, sometimes referred to as a stoma or ostomy bag, is a small, waterproof pouch that's crucial for people who've had specific types of surgery. These operations create a new exit point for waste from the body, known as a stoma, which is located in the abdomen. The bag adheres securely to the skin surrounding the stoma, collecting any waste material that exits the body, ensuring it doesn't leak or cause odour.

The bag is specifically designed to be unnoticeable and doesn't restrict daily activities. It's crafted in a way that emphasises both comfort and discretion, allowing the user to carry on with their regular routines undisturbed.

However, having a colostomy bag can sometimes lead to certain complications, particularly during security procedures at airports or other public places. To help with this, it's recommended to carry a travel card. This card is the same size as an everyday bank card, making it easy to store in a wallet or purse.

The travel card acts as a form of identification, confirming the holder's medical requirement for an ostomy bag. It's an effective tool for avoiding awkward conversations or explanations at security checks. The user can show the card to security personnel before they go through procedures like pat-downs or scans

By presenting this card, the user can maintain their privacy and dignity, whilst helping to streamline the security process. It's a simple way to ensure they can go about their travels without any unnecessary hassle or discomfort.

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Colostomy Bag Travel Card

Colostomy Bag Travel Card: Journey with Confidence and Convenience

Ostomy Bag Travel Card

Ostomy Bag Travel Card: Travel with Confidence and Ease.

Stoma Bag Travel Card

Stoma Bag Travel Card: Essential Companion for Confident Travelers