Medicine Alert Cards

Why Carry a Medicine Alert Card?

When you need to take prescribed medication on a daily basis, carrying a Medicine Alert Card is not just beneficial, it's crucial. A Medicine Alert Card is your voice when you may not be able to speak, instantly providing vital information about your medication and dosage to first responders in case of an emergency. This can significantly enhance their ability to provide appropriate and timely medical assistance, and in turn, could potentially save your life.

Our Medicine Alert Cards are designed to be compact and easily portable. They have the size of a credit card, making them conveniently fit into your wallet or purse. Despite their compact size, they can hold a considerable amount of information. If your medication list exceeds four, don't worry, we can extend the list onto the back of the card.

Moreover, at The Card Project UK, we're committed to the environment. Our cards are made from biodegradable plastic, ensuring that while we care for your health, we're not neglecting our planet.

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