Dementia Awareness Cards

What are Dementia Awareness Medical ID Alert Cards?

Dementia and early-onset dementia are challenging conditions that affect millions across the globe, causing a steady decline in cognitive abilities. Symptoms range from memory loss, difficulty with thinking and problem-solving, to challenges with language and comprehension. Here at The Card Project UK, we understand these challenges, and more importantly, we understand the people behind these diagnoses. Our mission is to help ease the journey for those living with dementia and the people who care for them.

In line with this mission, we are proud to introduce our Dementia Awareness Cards. These cards, compact in design and created with sustainable, biodegradable plastic, pack a significant punch. Not only do they fit perfectly into a standard wallet or purse, but they carry critical information that could be a game-changer in an emergency or everyday interactions.

Each card holds the name of the cardholder and has room for two emergency contact numbers. These details can be the lifeline that connects a disoriented or distressed person with dementia to their loved ones or care providers quickly and efficiently

Here at The Card Project UK, we believe in making a difference, one card at a time. With our Dementia Awareness Cards, we aim to foster empathy, promote assistance, and most importantly, provide reassurance to those navigating life with dementia. These cards aren't just pieces of biodegradable plastic; they're lifelines of hope and understanding in a world that can sometimes seem confusing and overwhelming. With our Dementia Awareness Cards, we're not just providing a product, we're promoting awareness, understanding, and care.

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