Doctor Photo ID Card
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Product:  Doctor Photo ID Card

Future Medics Unite: Personalised Kids' Doctor Card for Little Healers

Does your little one have big dreams of becoming a doctor when they grow up? If they love bandaging up their toys and playing doctor, we have the perfect product to support their aspirations! Our Doctor ID Cards are designed to enhance their role-playing experience and make them feel like a real doctor in training.

Our mission goes beyond just creating fun and imaginative play items. We are committed to the environment as well. That's why our Doctor ID Cards are made from bio-degradable materials. They are also single-sided, so they are both eco-friendly and perfect for little hands to hold.

The cards measure 86mm by 54mm, which is the same size as a credit card. This means they can easily fit in your child's pocket or a special card holder. And if you want to take it up a notch, you can add a card holder and lanyard to the order. This way, your child can proudly display their doctor identification wherever they go, nurturing their dreams of becoming a real doctor in the future.

So, let your child's imagination soar as they embrace the world of medicine and play with their very own Doctor ID Cards! Order now and make their dream of becoming a doctor even more exciting and tangible.

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