Ribbons for Fargo DTC4500 printers

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Fargo 82603 Polyguard Overlaminate (250 Prints)

The Fargo 82603 polyguard overlaminate provides a highly secure layer of protection to pre-printed cards. The High Secure Orbit holographic design can only be seen in certain light, providing a cost-effective way to increase your customer's visual card security. It guarantees to prolong card lifespan by increasing durability against everyday abrasions.

•250 prints per roll
•Black monochrome ribbon
•Manufacturer part number: 82603
Compatible with the Fargo DTC4500, HDP5000 and HDP8500 card printers.
Product weight:0.20 kg

Fargo 82604 Orbit Polyguard Overlaminate (250 Prints)

The Fargo 82604 is a 1.0 mil polyguard overlaminate that helps to enhance the life of a plastic card. The overlaminate provides a high-quality security feature in the form of a holographic orbit design that is proven to help deter counterfeiting. The 1.0 mil thickness also helps protect cards again everyday abrasions.

•250 prints
•Orbit design overlaminate
•Compatible with the Fargo DTC4500, DTC4500e, HDP5000 card printers
Product weight:0.50 kg

Fargo 84500 Clear Retransfer Film (1500 Prints)

The Fargo 84500 is a retransfer film that helps increase the quality and durability of printed cards. A retransfer film must always be used with a corresponding full-colour ribbon. During the print process, the image is printed onto the laminate which is then bonded onto the surface of a card. This results in a card that can withstand cracks and everyday abrasions.

•1500 prints
•Clear retransfer film
•Compatible with the Fargo HDP5600 and HDP5000 card printer
Product weight:0.20 kg

Fargo DTC4500 YMCKO Full Colour Printer Ribbon, 045200 (500 Prints)

Fargo DTC4500 YMCKO Full colour - 500 images - 45200
Product weight:0.30 kg

Fargo DTC4500 YMCKOK Colour Ribbon, 045210 (500 prints)

Fargo DTC4500 YMCKOK Colour Ribbon - 500 print
Product weight:0.30 kg

Fargo HDP Thermal Transfer Overlaminate High Secure Orbit Universal orientation, 082618 (500 Prints)

The Fargo 82618 produces 500 thermal transfer high secure orbit design overlaminate film to cards

To maximize printed card quality and durability, as well as printhead life and printer/encoder reliability, use only Fargo Certified 82618 ribbon cartridges
Manufacturers Code: 82618
Compatible with Fargo HDP5000 printers
(For use with Single-Side Lamination Module only)
Product weight:0.26 kg