Firefighter Photo ID Card
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Product:  Firefighter Photo ID Card

Brave Flames & Rescue Games: Personalised Kids' Firefighter Cards for Little Heroes!

Does your child dream of being a firefighter one day? If yes, our Firefighter Photo ID Card is just what they need for their imaginative play! It lets them pretend to be a real firefighter and experience the excitement of saving lives and protecting the community.

With this special ID card, your child can imagine wearing a firefighter's uniform, rushing to put out fires with loud sirens and flashing lights. They can picture themselves working in a team, bravely battling flames and rescuing people in need.

The Firefighter Photo ID Card adds a realistic touch to their playtime adventures. It helps them feel proud and responsible as they role-play being a firefighter and keeping their imaginary city safe. Whether they play alone or with friends, this card will make their firefighter dreams come alive.

These cards are eco-friendly as they are made from materials that can biodegrade. They are also single-sided and have the same size as a credit card (86mm by 54mm or 3.38 inches by 2.13 inches). Let your child's firefighter dreams ignite with our Firefighter Photo ID Card!

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