Staff ID Card, Design 3
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Product:  Staff ID Card, Design 3

The Green ID Card: A Blend of Clarity and Eco-responsibility

Every business, be it a budding start-up or a seasoned enterprise, understands the value of staff ID cards. Here's the clear reasoning:

  • Instant Professionalism: When someone enters your workspace, seeing staff with ID cards makes an immediate impression. It's like wearing a badge of dedication and order.
  • Safety Isn’t an Option; It’s a Priority: Staff ID cards ensure clarity. You know who belongs where, which means a safer, more secure workspace.
  • Fostering Team Identity: There’s a different kind of pride when each member of your team, from the CEO to the intern, wears an ID card. It strengthens team spirit.

About our cards: This edition is in a calming shade of green, representing growth, harmony, and freshness. But if green doesn't match your vibe, we've got other designs, each with the promise of quality.

Highlights of our green staff ID cards:

  • Eco-First Approach: Staying true to the colour, our cards are crafted from bio-degradable plastic. You're not only choosing an ID card but also aligning with an eco-responsible stance.
  • Designed for Practicality: These cards are 86mm by 54mm, equivalent to your usual credit card. It's handy, and everyone knows where it fits.
  • Straightforward and Clear: On its single side, the card spotlights what's essential: photo, name, and role. No clutter, just clarity.

Making decisions for your business often boils down to balancing quality with functionality. Our green Staff ID Card does just that, offering a blend of professionalism, security, and a touch of eco-consciousness.

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