Home Educated Photo ID

Why Carry a Home Educated Student ID Photo Card?

In recent years, home education has become increasingly popular, with many parents choosing to educate their children outside of traditional school systems. This approach to education involves parents teaching their children themselves or hiring tutors to assist with their learning. While home education has many benefits, such as the ability to customise a curriculum and provide a more personalised learning experience, one potential issue that arises is the difficulty in proving student status when out in public.

To address this issue, The Card Project UK has created home education cards designed specifically for home-educated students. These cards are the same size as a standard credit card and can easily fit into a purse or wallet. They are made from biodegradable plastic

Home education cards provide a practical solution for home-educated students who need to prove their student status when out and about. This can include visiting museums, art galleries, or other educational institutions that require proof of student status. With a home education card, students can easily demonstrate that they are actively pursuing their education and just because they aren't in school, it doesn't mean that they shouldn't be outside.

Overall, home education cards offer a practical and useful way for home-educated students to prove their student status and feel more connected to the wider educational community. With the growing popularity of home education, these cards offer a valuable solution for students seeking to demonstrate their educational status and identity.

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