ID Card Holders

Once you've got your personalised identification card or security pass, it's crucial to have a suitable place to display it. That's where these Oxo-biodegradable plastic card holders step in. They come in a range of 12 distinct and quite vibrant colours. Furthermore, they provide the flexibility of choosing between landscape and portrait orientations, making it almost a certainty that you'll find the style that suits your requirements.

Now, you might wonder, why is there a need for a card holder at all? Honestly, it's not a strict necessity. Of course, you could just keep your identification card or security pass tucked away in your wallet or handbag. However, the constant task of pulling it out each time you need to prove your identity or gain access somewhere can become quite tedious and inconvenient. Opting for a card holder not only provides a protective sheath for your card but also ensures its easy accessibility.

Now, all that remains is to pair it with a lanyard, making it possible to simply hang the card around your neck. Alternatively, you could choose something along the lines of a crocodile clip that can be affixed to your clothing. By doing so, you can conveniently present your card when required without having to rummage through your wallet or purse, ensuring these personal belongings remain safely stowed away at all times!