Kids Sweet Toy Credit Card

Sugar Rush: Sweet-Themed Credit for Kids by The Card Project UK
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Let us know here the name of the child

along with a valid from and expiry date.

If you don't give dates then the valid from

date will be the day we print and the expiry

date will be "never"



Kids Sweet Toy Credit Card: Sugary Delights for Imaginative Play!

Introduce your child to the exciting world of spending with our new Kids Candy Credit Card! This pretend credit card is decorated with a fun, colourful candy sweet design that kids will love. It's just like a real credit card, but it's specially made for children to play and have fun with.

We can put your child's name on the card, along with a 'valid from' and 'expiry date'. Your child will feel all grown up, just like mum and dad!

The Kids Candy Credit Card is good for the environment too. It's made from bio-degradable materials and is safe to use. It's single-sided, and is the same size as a real credit card - 86mm by 54mm, which is perfect for little hands.

Children will have loads of fun pretending to pay for their toys, snacks, or other treats with their own Kids Candy Credit Card. It's a great way to learn about money and how credit cards work.

Order a Kids Candy Credit Card today, and let your child enjoy pretending to be a grown-up in a fun and educational way.

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