Kids Credit Card, Guinea Pig Design, Childs Playtime Money

Childs Credit Card, Kids Novelty Play Money

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Let us know here the name of the child

along with a valid from and expiry date.

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date will be the day we print and the expiry

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Child's Credit Card, Novelty Play Money


Let your child go imaginary shopping whenever they like with one of these fantastic Child's Credit Cards!  Money is never boring, even when its just for play.  Way back when I was a child I would play "shop" with my toys and coins from a jar (my nan used to save them up for me) but in this day and age its all about the credit card! 

These novelty cards are available with lots of different designs in our shop, you're bound to find one you like!

All you need to do is provide us with the child's name along with a valid from and an expiry date that you would like us to use.

These cards are bio-degradable and are single sided.  They measure 86mm by 54mm which is the same as a credit card (3.38 inches by 2.13 inches).


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