Kids Lion King Toy Credit Card - (Double sided)
Price  £9.99
Double sided?  Yes
Product:  Kids Lion King Toy Credit Card

Step Into the Pride: The Lion King Toy Credit Card for Kids!

Introduce your kids to the magic of the Pride with our new Lion King Toy Credit Card.

The card is double-sided, featuring a Lion King scene on the front. This scene not only captivates the imagination but also provides spaces for the child's name and a "valid from" date, making it a personalised adventure. The back of the card isn't left behind in the details. It comes with a real magnetic strip, similar to the ones on adult cards. Additionally, there's a signature strip for your child to sign, adding an extra touch of realism and allowing them to feel more grown-up.

Any child who loves the Lion King will find this card irresistible. It serves as a tool for various imaginative play scenarios. They can pretend to be Simba buying items in the Pride Lands, or perhaps Nala hosting a market day. The card can also be a prop in games where they simulate bank processes or checkout scenarios at stores. It's not just about playing, but also about learning basic money concepts in a fun, engaging manner.

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