Wizard Photo ID Card
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Product:  Wizard Photo ID Card

Unlock the Magic: Personalised Trainee Wizard Cards for Young Sorcerers!

Is there a little wizard-in-training in your home? One who waves imaginary wands and mutters spells at the drop of a hat? Maybe they're hooked on Harry Potter or enchanted by the idea of magical adventures. For all those kids, we've got the perfect gift – our Kids Trainee Wizard Card!

This card is the closest thing to an official wizardry license. Personalise it with your child's photo, making them the star of their magical world. Add in their name and age, and voilà, their unique wizard credentials come to life!

Just like a credit card, it's the perfect size to fit into pockets or tucked into spellbooks, ready to be shown off at any wizard gathering or play date. And, with the biodegradable plastic, it's not only enchanting but also earth-friendly.

Why is it a hit? Because every child who dreams of magical realms wants to feel part of that world. This card tells them they belong. It feeds their imagination, fuels their games, and stands as a symbol of all magical possibilities ahead. For the child who can't get enough of Hogwarts and dreams of receiving their own letter, this card is the next best thing. A slice of magic, just for them.

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