ID Card Holders


Landscape and Portrait ID Card Holders


So now you have your personalised ID card or security pass you need somewhere to display it.  These Oxo-biodegradable plastic card holders are the answer!  Available in 12 different, not to mention rather fabulous colours with the option of landscape and portrait orientation, you will be sure to find the style you need.


Why do you need a card holder?  

The honest answer is you don't!  I mean you can easily just keep your ID card or security pass in your wallet or purse however, it can be such a faff taking it out each and every time you need to show it to gain access or prove you are who you say you are.  Getting a card holder to keep it protected is the first step.  Then you just need a lanyard so that you can hang the card around your neck or alternatively something like a crocodile clip that you can attach to your clothes.  And just like that you can easily present your card whenever its needed ensuring that your wallet or purse is somewhere nice and safe at all times!