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2.  Contact 1 Name and Number

3.  Contact 2 Name and Number

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Clearly Communicate Your Ability to Lip Read with our Photo ID Cards

Navigating the world with hearing loss can turn everyday conversations into challenges. For many, lip-reading becomes the bridge to understanding, but explaining this to everyone can be a tiring process. Enter our Lip-Reading Awareness Card: a simple yet powerful tool that communicates for you.

At a glance, this card says, "I'm hearing impaired, but I can lip-read." By just showing it, you instantly let others know how best to communicate with you: by speaking slowly and clearly. It cuts down the need for long explanations and nudges the conversation towards a more natural flow.

Practicality is key. Even though it carries a crucial message, this card isn't bulky. It's the same size as your everyday credit card, making it a breeze to slip into a purse or wallet. Plus, for an added personal touch and safety, the front displays the holder's photo and name, while the back lists two emergency contacts. And with a nod to our planet's well-being, each card is crafted from biodegradable plastic. It's a simple tool with a big impact.

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