Magicard Pronto Single Sided Plastic Card Printer

The Magicard Pronto Single Sided Plastic Card Printer

To be honest, here at The Card Project UK, we can't praise this printer highly enough! Why? Well its single sided, prints edge to edge in colour and is lightweight yet incredibly sturdy. Its quick to print (you're looking at around 7 seconds per card if its mono and 35 seconds per card if its full colour) Not only that but you can choose a watermark design and its complete value for money. And lets be honest, we all like the latter don't we!

So if you want to know more (and why wouldn't you!) then see below for the full description along with all the technical, and on occasions, incredibly dull bits and bobs that we need to tell you about. It won't take long and you'll be glad that you did!
Manufacturer: Magicard
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Good to see you again!  Right, lets get on with this shall we?

Who is the Magicard Pronto Printer for ?

Well its by far the perfect plastic card printer for small businesses who just need to print a few cards or for those venturing into the card printing world for the first time.  Its a hand fed printer so you're totally in control and although it only prints one side at a time, you can manually feed the other side if needs be.  All in all its the perfect card printer if your card printing demand is low to moderate.

Why should you buy the Pronto Printer from us?

When you buy from The Card Project UK you're not just buying from a faceless and hard selling website who, quite frankly, just wants the sale.  You're buying from someone who will be able to help you going forward with either running the printers themselves or your card printing projects in general.  I can supply you with the cards themselves along with the ribbons and all the other accessories you need.  Not only that but I can supply you with some card printing software, either ready to go or we can work together and I can create something especially for you.  You see I'm a software developer by trade and I'm also a card printer.  Who better to help you than someone who has been making a living from this for over 10 years?

So lets go over it one last time shall we, the Magicard Pronto Printer is perfect for those small or new businesses who just want to print low to moderate volume cards.  If you're looking for something a little more challenging then we recommend taking a look at "insert something here" or even "insert something else here".

And last but by no means least, its time for those aforementioned technical and quite frankly dull bits and bobs that we need to tell you about...

  • Prints 7 sec/card (Mono) or 35 sec/card (Full-colour) (yes we already told you that but we think its worth repeating) 
  • Prints to standard CR80 and CR79 card size, including PVC and PET
  • Quality full-colour and secure HoloKote cards 
  • Magnetic stripe and Mifare encoding 
  • Combi encoding options and built-in HoloKote visual security system which offer a choice of 4 watermark designs.
  • 2-year limited manufacturer’s warranty for both the printer and printhead 
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