Matica PR000819 Retransfer Film (1000 Prints)

The Matica PR000819 is a retransfer film that must be used when printing with either the PR000817 (YMCKK) or PR000816 (YMCK) ribbons. In the retransfer print process, the card design is printed onto this film and then printed onto the surface of the card.

Compatible with:

  • Matica XID5xxie | XID93xx series
  • Matica XID8300 | XL8300 Retransfer Printers
  • Matica XID8600 | LCP8000 Retransfer Printers
  • Matica XID9300e Retransfer Printers
  • Matica XID9600e Retransfer Printers

Manufacturer part number: PR000819


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Manufacturer: Matica
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