Medical Cards

Why should I buy a Medical Awareness Card?


Medical Awareness ID Alert Cards are a great idea to carry if you have a hidden disability.  They give practical advise for other people to either be able to understand your difficulties in communication or to assist you medically if necessary.  They are biodegradable and are credit card sized so will fit easily into a purse or wallet, alternatively you can have them on display via a lanyard or card clip.   Each Medial ID awareness card is personalised and will have at least three designs which include a mono version and a photo version.

Please remember that I design all of these Medical Awareness ID cards myself so if you want any of the wording changed then that's not an issue. You can either leave a note in the box when you purchase or alternatively, pop a message over via the contact tab and lets work out a new card together.  My tag line is Every Card Imaginable for a reason!