Medicine Alert Card

Medicine Alert Card, Personalised Prescription Medication Card

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1.  The name for the front of the card.

2.  The list of medications/dosage you require adding to your card.  

(If the list of medication is longer than 4, they will be displayed on 

the rear of the card)


Medicine Alert Card, Personalised Prescription Drugs Medication Card


If you are someone who has to take daily prescribed medication then you really should carry a Medicine Alert Card.  That way,if anything were to happen to you, first responders would know what medication along with dosage which will undoubtedly help them help you!   It's simple, yet effective, and does the talking for you. 

These Medicine Alert Cards are single sided.  However, if your list of medications is longer than 4, then we can continue the list on the back of the card for you.

The cards are made from biodegradable plastic and are credit card sized so will fit easily into a purse or wallet.

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