Metal Implant Alert Cards

Understanding Metal Implants and the Need for Alert Cards

A metal implant is a device made primarily of metal, surgically placed into the body to replace a missing bone or joint, to support a damaged bone, or to enhance an existing structure. Common types of metal implants include hip and knee replacements, dental crowns, plates, screws, and rods used to treat fractures, as well as heart valves and pacemakers.

Having a metal implant can sometimes lead to unexpected inconveniences, especially in places with high-security protocols like airports, stadiums, museums, and government buildings. These implants can often trigger metal detectors, leading to confusion, delays, and the hassle of explaining one's medical history to security personnel. This is where the Metal Implant Alert Cards by The Card Project UK come into the picture.

Made from environmentally-friendly biodegradable plastic, these cards serve as a discreet yet clear way of informing security officials about your implant. No longer will you need to engage in repetitive and sometimes embarrassing conversations about why the alarm went off. With the card's clear messaging and compact design, it fits perfectly in wallets and purses, making it an essential item for those with metal implants

In the age where quick and seamless processes are appreciated, The Card Project UK ensures that those with metal implants can move through security checks with ease and dignity. It's not just a card; it's a tool for freedom and confidence in public spaces.

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Metal Implant Design 1

Navigate Freely with The Metal Implant Alert Card | The Card Project UK

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Navigate Security Checks Easily with The Metal Implant Alert Card