Weight Awareness Cards

Take Control with 'My Weight, My Business' ID Cards: Your Personal Shield Against Public Weighing

Ever felt uncomfortable being weighed in public places like gyms, clinics, or schools? You're not alone. Our 'My Weight, My Business' ID Cards are designed to put that control back in your hands, allowing you to manage your weight privately without feeling pressured or judged.

Sized like a standard credit card and made from eco-friendly, biodegradable plastic, these cards are discreet yet powerful. Carry it in your wallet or gym bag for quick access whenever you need it. Each card clearly states your preference for private weighing, sending an unmistakable message to healthcare providers, trainers, or educators.

With 'My Weight, My Business' ID Cards, say goodbye to awkward situations and regain your peace of mind. Take the first step in making your weight your business, and no one else's.

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