Networking Card with QR Code, Blue Set

Networking Card with QR Code, Red holder and lanyard Set

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Networking Card with QR Code, Scannable link to your own website or social media account.


These personalised business ID cards are just the thing for when you are at a networking event. They have your picture, your name and job title, the name of your company, your telephone number, email address and website address. Most importantly they have a QR code which can be pointed to an address of your choice, whether that be your own website or your preferred social media account such as Instagram or Twitter.  This means that instead of manually swapping details, the person you are chatting with can simply scan your card and land straight onto your website.

The prices shown are for one card only.  If you are looking for larger numbers for an event then please contact us first and will work out a competitive price for you!

These cards are made from bio-degradable plastic and measure 86mm by 54mm which is the same as a credit card (3.38 inches by 2.13 inches) This card is single sided.  They are available with or without card holders and lanyards


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