Orange Emergency Contacts Card

Orange Emergency Contacts Card

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Let me know here the names and numbers you

want adding to the card.  You can have more than 4 if 

required, just remember that the more text you add, the

smaller the writing will be!


Orange Emergency Contacts Card.


What do you do if you need to contact friends and family and you haven't got your phone with you?  The answer is simple.  Carry one of these Emergency Cards in your purse or wallet!  All you need to do is provide me with the names and numbers you want and I'll do the rest.  The card is set up with space for 4 names and numbers but if you want more adding or taking away then that's not a problem.  Just bear in mind that the more you add, the smaller the writing will be!

These Emergency Contacts Cards are made from bio-degradable plastic and are single sided.  They measure 86mm by 54mm which is the same as a credit card (3.38 inches by 2.13 inches)  Lots of others colours available in The Emergency Contact Category.

I design all of the ID cards myself so if you want any of the card changing then that's not an issue.  Just pop a message over via the contact tab when you order.


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