DNR Photo Medical ID Alert Card - (Double sided)
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Product:  DNR Photo Medical ID Alert Card

Clear and Reliable Do Not Resuscitate Photo ID Cards

If you've made a decision with your healthcare provider not to be resuscitated in case of severe medical emergencies, it's essential to share this information with your loved ones. They should be aware of your preference not to undergo any revival procedures if your health drastically worsens.

In addition to sharing this decision with your close contacts, it's crucial to carry a DNR alert card. This card serves as a notification to first responders or healthcare professionals that you've made a decision not to be revived.

The DNR alert cards are designed to be conveniently portable; they're the same size as a standard credit card. This makes it easy for you to keep the card in a wallet or purse, ensuring it's with you at all times.

Each DNR card is personalised to provide essential details about the holder. Your photo and name is clearly displayed on the front of the card, establishing you as the person who has made the DNR decision. On the back of the card, there's space for the details of two emergency contacts. These could be family members, close friends, or anyone you'd like to be contacted in a crisis.

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