Staff ID Card, Design 5

Pink and Purple Staff Photo ID Cards: Practicality Meets Vibrancy for Businesses
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The Professional Choice: Pink and Purple Staff ID Cards

Every business, from the corner shop to the city’s big corporations, uses staff ID cards. Why? Here's the simple breakdown:

  • Instant Professional Feel: A new client walks in, sees all staff wearing ID cards, and immediately feels you’re serious about your business. It just looks right.
  • Clear Security: With staff ID cards, everyone’s easily identified. No mix-ups, which means everyone’s safe.
  • Team Unity: An ID card is basic, but when every person has one from the boss to the newest team member, it makes everyone feel they’re in it together.

Our pink and purple card? It's fresh and smart. Pink brings a touch of energy, and purple adds a professional feel. But if this combo isn’t your thing don't worry as we have other options.

Details of our pink and purple staff ID cards:

  • Eco-Choice: Like our other cards, they're made from bio-degradable plastic. Good for the planet.
  • Just the Right Size: The cards are 86mm by 54mm. No fuss; they fit in any wallet or cardholder.
  • All the Info: These cards keep it clear: business name, holder's name, job title, email, and phone number. Everything you need, nothing you don’t.

When it comes to business, the little things matter. Our pink and purple Staff ID Card gets it right, combining the practical with a bit of style.

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