Ribbons for Evolis Primacy printers

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Evolis LPS032NAA 0.5mil Clear Patch Laminate (600 Prints)

The Evolis LPS032NAA clear patch laminate increases card durability against scratching, fading and everyday wear and tear. This 0.5 mil overlaminate can be used in both single and dual-sided printing, protecting your customer's cards to ensure a longer lifespan while reducing the risks of tampering. •600 prints per roll •0.5 mil clear patch laminate •Manufacturer part number: LPS032NAA Compatible with the Evolis Primacy and Primacy 2 laminating printers. Product weight:0.15 kg

Evolis LPS033NAA 0.6mil Generic Hologram Patch Laminate (600 Prints)

The Evolis LPS033NAA generic hologram patch laminate adds a layer of protection to ards, increasing card durability against scratching and general wear. This 0.6 mil clear laminate contains a hologram that can only be seen in certain light, increasing visual security and providing proof of the legitimacy of the card. •600 prints per roll •Card lifespan of up to 3 years •Manufacturer part number: LPS033NAA Compatible with the Evolis Primacy and Primacy 2 lamination printers. Product weight:0.12 kg

Evolis R2F010NAA KO Black Monochrome Ribbon (600 prints)

Evolis KO Black Monochrome Ribbon With Overlay •600 prints per ribbon •Manufacturer part number - R2F010NAA •Compatible with the Evolis Primacy Product weight:0.35 kg

Evolis R5F008EAA YMCKO Colour Ribbon (300 Prints)

Evolis Primacy Colour YMCKO 5 Panel Ribbon - 300 images Product weight:0.25 kg

Evolis R5H004NAA YMCKO Half Panel Colour Ribbon (400 Prints)

The Evolis R5H004NAA YMCKO half-panel colour ribbon is specifically designed to produce high-quality photo ID cards for your customers. The half-size, full-colour panels create photo-like images on up to half the card while the full-sized black resin produces detailed text and accurate barcodes on any part of the card. The overlay panel also adds protection against everyday wear and tear. •400 prints per roll •YMCKO half panel ribbon (Yellow, Magenta, Cyan, Black and Overlay panels) •Manufacturer part number - R5H004NAA Compatible with the Evolis Primacy and Evolis Zenius ID card printers. Product weight:0.26 kg

Evolis R6F003EAA YMCKOK Colour Ribbon (200 Prints)

Evolis Primacy YMCKOK Printer Ribbon R6F003EAA - 200 prints Product weight:0.26 kg