Staff ID Card, Design 4
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Product:  Staff ID Card, Design 4

Purple Staff ID Cards: Style Meets Practicality

Whether you're running a small local business or heading a larger corporation, having staff ID cards is an essential. Here’s why:

  • Professional Look, Right Off the Bat: When a customer walks in, ID cards on your staff mean you’re organised and ready. It's a silent nod to your commitment.
  • Keep Things Tight and Secure: Staff ID cards cut the confusion. You know your team, and you know they're where they need to be.
  • Unity in Diversity: An ID card is a simple tool, but it’s a shared one. Everyone has it from top to bottom, building a sense of belonging.

Now, about our purple card: The colour is rich, symbolizing creativity, wisdom, and dignity. But if purple isn’t quite your shade, don’t worry as we’ve got more colours and designs to offer you.

What’s special about our purple staff ID cards:

  • Planet-Friendly Choice: Just like with our other cards, these are made of bio-degradable plastic. You’re making a statement about your business’s environmental responsibility.
  • Fits Like It Should: The cards are standard, 86mm by 54mm. No fuss, they just fit wherever a card should.
  • Clean and Direct: One side, five main details. Photo, name, title, email and phone number. No distractions, just straightforward information.

Business choices often come down to details. Our purple Staff ID Card is one of those details: thoughtful, functional, and with just the right touch of elegance.

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