Staff ID Card, Design 6

Red Staff ID Cards for Business: Bold in Colour, Clear in Purpose
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Red Staff ID Cards: Bold Choice for Clear Business

Whether it's the family-run business down the street or a big-time company, every business can benefit from having on staff ID cards. And here’s why:

  • Immediate Business Appeal: Someone walks into your place, sees your team with ID cards, and straight away, it feels like you mean business.
  • Clear as Day: Staff ID cards mean everyone's known, and that's just safer and smoother for daily operations.
  • One Team Vibe: ID cards are basic, right? But when everyone's wearing one, from the boss to the newest hire, it’s clear everyone's part of the team.

Now, our red card? It's bold, attention-grabbing. Red stands for energy and passion. But if that's a bit too bold for you, don't worry, we've got other shades and designs.

Why pick a Staff ID card from The Card Project UK?

  • Earth-wise: Like all our cards, this one’s made of bio-degradable plastic. Good for business, great for the planet.
  • Size Matters: It's 86mm by 54mm. Easy fit in pockets, wallets, or card lanyards.
  • All Sorted: The card has it all: business name, holder's name, job title, email, and phone number. No fluff, just the stuff you need.

Small details in business make big differences. Our red Staff ID Card is one such detail. It's practical, with just the right dash of boldness.

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