Double Sided ID Design 4 - (Double sided)
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Product:  Double Sided ID Design 4

Double Sided ID Card with Mag and Signature Stip, Design 4

Introducing our Double-Sided ID Cards at The Card Project UK. Functional and elegant. The size of a typical credit card (86mm by 54mm), these cards slide effortlessly into your wallet.

Our ID cards are produced from hard-wearing, biodegradable plastic, providing a trustworthy identification solution that's also environmentally responsible. The front boasts your photo, full name, and date of birth. At the back, you'll notice a magnetic strip and a signature strip for added security, along with your photo and name once again.

Keep in mind, our variety isn't confined to this single abstract design. If it's not to your taste, we've got lots of other designs that could be just right for you.

What's the point of carrying an ID card everywhere? It's a no-brainer. In our fast-paced world, proving your identity or age is a frequent requirement, whether you're at a pub, post office, or accessing age-gated sites. A clear, dependable ID card can smooth out these interactions.

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