Steroid Therapy Card

What is a Steroid Therapy Emergency Card?

A Steroid Therapy Emergency Card is a key safety tool for people receiving steroid treatment. Steroids, also called corticosteroids, are medicines that reduce swelling and are used for diseases that cause inflammation like arthritis, COPD, lupus, kidney disease, cancer, autoimmune diseases, adrenal Insufficiency (Addison's disease), and asthma. This small card, which fits in your pocket, provides important details about the patient's specific steroid treatment.

If there's an emergency and a patient can't talk or isn't fully aware, this card can help doctors and other healthcare workers understand the patient's health condition and treatment plan. This makes sure the treatment plan is followed and helps prevent problems from the medication, like a very dangerous situation called an adrenal crisis.

An adrenal crisis can happen if the body, when stressed or sick or injured, needs more steroids than the patient is taking. This card quickly lets medical staff know that the patient needs more steroid medicine right away, preventing any delay in treatment and any harm that could come from it.

The Steroid Therapy Emergency Card also helps remind the patient about their treatment. It shows how important it is to stick to their medication schedule

In short, the Steroid Therapy Emergency Card makes sure patients on steroid treatment get the right care, at the right time, no matter what. By giving clear, easy-to-find information, it helps with effective communication, careful following of the treatment plan, and most importantly, the patient's safety and health.

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