Blood Donor Card
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Product:  Blood Donor Card

Blood Donor Card

Introducing our Blood Donor ID Cards, a handy tool for blood donors across the UK. These cards have your name, your NHS number, and your blood group on them. They are the size of a credit card so are easy to carry in a purse or wallet.

Why donate blood? It's simple: donating blood saves lives. Your donation can help people in emergencies or those needing regular treatments for certain illnesses. When you donate, you're doing something amazing. You're giving a lifeline to someone in need.

Our Blood Donor ID Cards are about more than just information. They're a symbol of the good you're doing. By keeping one in your wallet, you'll always have a reminder of your kindness. Plus, they can help you spread the word about blood donation.

And, these cards are made from biodegradable plastic. That means they're not just good for people; they're also good for the planet. They're tough, flexible and eco-friendly. But it's way more than a piece of plastic. It's a sign of the positive difference you're making in the world.

Every time you donate, you're saving lives. And with a Blood Donor ID Card, you're showing others that they can do the same. So, why wait? Start your blood donation journey today and show the world you're proud to be a blood donor.

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