Wheat Allergy Bag Tags

Wheat Allergy Tags for children

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Please let me know here the name of

the child you want adding to the allergy card

and whether you want a hole punching.

(This personalisation is only available for

the card.  It is not available for the tags)


Wheat Allergy Bag Tags for Children


If your child is allergic to wheat then you will know what a hard task it is making sure that everyone else knows about it.  The message needs to be spread to avoid your child accidentally eating something that they shouldn't.  Having something vibrant and fun like these bag tags can really get the message across!  These eye catching triple tags can be worn on laces, bags, coats or can even be attached to pencil cases.  They bring your child's allergy to the attention of other people and in turn will ease some of your stress of making sure that your child is safe and in a wheat free zone!

Each tag measures approximately 54mm x 29mm. A metal ring is included in the price. These tags are fully reversible.

Available on their own or with a matching fully reversible card which can be personalised and punched with a hole. The cards measure 86mm by 54mm which is the same as a credit card (3.38 inches by 2.13 inches) If you're picking this option then simply leave a note in the box above with the child's name and whether you want a hole punched into the card or not.

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