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Yellow Luggage Label Tag

Yellow Luggage Label Tag with optional attachment strap

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Yellow Luggage Label Tag

Fed up of waiting at the luggage carousel trying in vain to spot your suitcase before it heads off back around the belt and out of your reach (potentially more than once!) Then here is the answer to your problems! These fabulous bright luggage label tags are so easy to spot from a distance. Even better they clearly have your name on the front of the card making it virtually impossible for someone else to carry it off by mistake.

Why should you buy these luggage labels from me?

Well firstly, like all my cards they are bio-degradable. Secondly these luggage tags contain your name on the front and your telephone number and flight details on the rear, which is perfect if the worst comes to the worst and your suitcase ends up somewhere it shouldn't. Planning flights and holidays can be stressful so having peace of mind over your luggage is a given and these labels do just that. If you want any of these details removing then just let me know as these cards can be changed to suit your needs. If buying multiple cards then you can have different names etc for each card, that’s all included in the cost. Just leave a note for all of these options when prompted.

These luggage tags measure 86mm by 54mm which is the same as a credit card (3.38 inches by 2.13 inches) and will have a slot punched into it where you can attach the tie loop. You can buy the luggage label on its own or for just £1 more, you can get the loop strap too (RRP for the loop straps is £1.50 so it's a bit of a bargain!)

If yellow isn't your colour there are lots of other shades to choose from in the Luggage Label category including a Monoversion (which is slightly cheaper). Lastly, if you want them printing in a colour that isn't already shown then it's not a problem, just ask!

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