I Take Anticoagulants
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Product:  I Take Anticoagulants

Your Pocket-Sized Lifesaver: "I Take Anticoagulants" Medical ID Card

Our "I Take Anticoagulants" single-sided card serves as a straightforward but essential alert for anyone who needs to know about your medical condition quickly. Anticoagulants are medications that help prevent blood clots, commonly used in conditions like atrial fibrillation, deep vein thrombosis, or after certain surgeries. While these medications are vital for treatment, they also come with the risk of excessive bleeding in case of injuries.

This single-sided card is designed for simplicity and immediate recognition. Measuring at 86mm by 54mm, the card fits comfortably in any purse or wallet. With bold, easy-to-read text, the card gets the critical message across: "I Take Anticoagulants."

Carrying this card is of utmost importance because it alerts healthcare professionals, emergency personnel, or even bystanders to the fact that you're on anticoagulant medication. In emergency situations, this simple card could be a lifesaver, ensuring that you get the specialised care you need without delay.

The card is not only basic but effective. It gets the point across quickly, making it an essential item for anyone on anticoagulant medication.

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