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Why Our Recycled Polyester Visitor Lanyard is the Best Choice for Your Business

Introducing our Visitor Lanyard, your go-to for efficient and eco-friendly identification. Made from recycled blue polyester fabric, this lanyard is the perfect choice for organisations aiming to be more sustainable.

At 15mm wide and 45cm long, it's designed for easy wear and quick access. It sits comfortably around the neck and is long enough to be easily slipped on and off. Ideal for schools, hospitals, offices, and event spaces, this lanyard makes it simple to separate staff from visitors, enhancing security and organisation.

The safety breakaway metal lobster clip is a key feature. Designed for accidental tugs or snags, the clip automatically releases to prevent any mishaps. Reattachment is straightforward, so you're back to normal in no time.

Don't compromise on safety or sustainability. Make the smart choice for your organisation today. Order now!

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