Organ Donor Cards

Why buy an Organ Donor Card?

Why buy an Organ Donor Card? Well, if you aren't already aware, the laws changed in 2020 and now any adult who dies and hasn't opted out of donating, is considered a donor. However, it's not quite as straightforward as it sounds as family consent is still needed. Carrying a card is one way of letting your wishes be known that you are happy to be a donor.

You can also opt out of being on the organ donor register, be that for medical or religious reasons. Again, carrying a card stating that you have opted out will alert the right people.

Whichever way your decision on this matter goes, carrying a card and speaking to your family beforehand are two ways of ensuring that your wishes are adhered to

For more information on organ donation then visit the NHS via this link here

registered number 0863 3762