Santas Nice List Card
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Personalised "Santa's Nice List" ID Card: The Perfect Christmas Keepsake

Ever thought about giving your child a little proof that Santa's watching? Well, our "Santa's Nice List" Novelty ID Card might just be the perfect thing. Each card is individually personalised, with a photo of your child along with their name. You'll find "North Pole Inc" stamped at the top, a little nod to where this special 'official' document comes from.

The Nice List has been a Christmas tale for ages, telling children about this special list where Santa keeps an eye on good behaviour. Being on it? It's every kid's dream. It means they've been good all year, and Santa knows it. This card serves as a delightful keepsake of a year they can be proud of!

Size-wise, this card is the same size as a standard credit card and is made from biodegradable plastic. Which means it brings joy without leaving a mark on the environment.

Ready to make your child's Christmas extra special? Order the "Santa's Nice List" card today!

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