Become the Journalist You've Always Wanted to Be with our International Presss Card

The Ultimate Accessory for Your Journalist Costume: Our Cosplay International Press Card

When you want to pretend you're a journalist, whether it's for cosplay, a YouTube skit, or just messing around with friends, an authentic-looking press card is essential. Our Cosplay International Press Card isn't a mere novelty; it's a high-quality, personalised ID that'll make anyone do a double-take. Here's why you'll want one.

Built to Impress, Built to Last

The front of the card doesn't just come with your photo; it comes with your name, nationality, and date of birth too. This is no generic card. It's customised for you, to lend that authentic touch. You'll look the part, and anyone who sees your card will think so too.

Made from top-grade, biodegradable plastic, this isn't some flimsy piece of card. It feels as substantial as it looks. People will not only see you as a journalist, they'll believe it — until you tell them it's just for fun, of course.

Flip the card over, and you'll find it's as detailed on the back as it is on the front. There's another photo of you, along with your name for quick identification. Plus, with a magnetic strip and a space for your signature, it has all the features of a real press card.

How to Get Your International Press Card

Ordering is easy. Just go to our website, upload your photo and details, and you'll get to see a preview before you buy. It's that simple to get a personalised press card that will make you the envy of your friends, fellow cosplayers, or anyone else who sees it.

Don't Just Dress Up, Stand Out!

So why get our Cosplay International Press Card? Because when you show up with this card, you're not just playing a journalist. You ARE the journalist. For a moment, you can feel like you're breaking the next big story or covering an exclusive event.

Don't miss out on owning the most authentic fake press card out there. Get yours now and see how much fun pretending to be a journalist can be!

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