Black ID Card Holder, Landscape
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Product:  Black ID Card Holder, Landscape

Durable Black Landscape ID Card Holders for Secure and Environmentally Friendly Storage

The Black Landscape Card Holder is the go-to for those who appreciate a timeless, professional look. It accommodates standard-sized cards of 86mm x 54mm and is made from biodegradable plastic.

Why a card holder? Simple.

  • Quick and easy access to your cards.
  • A secure place to keep all your cards.
  • Added protection to make your cards last longer.

The moulded ridge design ensures this card holder is not just about aesthetics; it's durable and offers good protection for your cards.

If black isn't to your taste, we have a variety of other colours you can opt for. You might also want to take a look at our lanyards, making your card holder that much more convenient to use.

Want a classic that never goes out of style? Place an order for your Black Landscape Card Holder now.

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