ID Card Ready To Go, Design 10
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Introduction to the Single-Sided Photo ID Card by The Card Project UK

In the UK, possessing a form of photo identification is increasingly becoming a part of everyday life. From buying age-restricted items to entering clubs and bars, a photo ID plays a crucial role. However, not everyone has access to official government-issued ID cards, such as a passport or driving licence, due to various reasons including cost, accessibility, or simply not meeting the requirements for such documents. This is where The Card Project UK fills a significant gap with our single-sided Photo ID card.

What is the Single-Sided Photo ID Card?

Our single-sided Photo ID card is a straightforward, yet highly effective form of identification that includes the essential details: a photograph of the holder, their name, and their date of birth. Designed to be both affordable and accessible, this card is priced at just £6.99, plus the cost of postage. It's made from biodegradable plastic, aligning with our commitment to environmental responsibility. While it's important to note that this ID card is not an official government-issued document, it serves as a basic form of photo identification for various everyday purposes.

Given its unofficial status, the acceptance of the single-sided Photo ID card can vary depending on the institution, venue, or situation. While it can be incredibly useful for informal purposes such as proving your age at events or as a form of identification within a casual context, there may be instances where it is not accepted as valid ID. For example, banks, government buildings, and international travel checkpoints will require official documents for identity verification.

It's important for users of the single-sided Photo ID card to carry official documentation for situations where formal identification is necessary. This card is best viewed as a supplementary form of ID that provides convenience and serves basic identification needs without replacing the need for official documents in contexts where they are mandatory.

Benefits of Having a Basic Form of Photo ID


The primary benefit of our Photo ID card is its accessibility. It provides an opportunity for individuals, especially young people, who might not have or need a passport or driving licence, to have a form of photo ID. This is particularly useful for age verification in buying age-restricted products or entry into venues with age limits. Please do remember that not all establishments will accept this card.


Our Photo ID card offers the convenience of a compact, credit card-sized document that fits easily into a wallet or purse, ensuring it is always on hand when needed. Its simple design focuses on the essentials, making it easy for others to verify the holder's age and identity at a glance.


At £6.99, the cost of our Photo ID card is a fraction of the price of a passport or driving licence, making it an affordable option for everyone. This price point is particularly appealing for those who only require a basic form of identification and do not wish to incur the higher costs associated with official documents.

Fast Dispatch

Understanding the need for prompt service, we aim to dispatch all orders within 24 hours of receipt. This quick turnaround ensures that customers receive their Photo ID cards as soon as possible, making it an ideal solution for last-minute needs.

Environmental Consideration

In line with our commitment to the environment, our Photo ID cards are made from biodegradable plastic. This choice reflects our dedication to reducing our ecological footprint and offering a product that is not only useful but also environmentally responsible.

Why Choose The Card Project UK for your Photo ID Card?

Choosing The Card Project UK for your basic photo ID needs comes with the assurance of quality, affordability, and fast service. Our focus on customer satisfaction makes us a preferred choice for those in search of a basic form of identification. Our straightforward approach ensures that obtaining a Photo ID card is a hassle-free process, providing you with an essential tool for daily life without the need for official documentation.

The Card Project UK's single-sided Photo ID card is an invaluable resource for anyone in need of a basic, affordable, and accessible form of identification. Its simplicity, combined with the benefits of having a form of photo ID, makes it an essential item for a wide range of individuals. Whether you're a young person looking to navigate age-restricted purchases and venues, or simply someone in need of a backup ID, our Photo ID card offers a practical solution. With a quick dispatch time, an eco-friendly design, and a straightforward ordering process, obtaining your basic form of photo ID has never been easier.

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