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Staff Lanyard: Easy Identification and Built for Safety

Introducing our Staff Lanyard, a vibrant and practical accessory designed for easy identification and daily use. Made from bright red recycled fabric, the lanyard is 15mm wide, offering durability and a striking look that's easy to spot, even in a busy environment.

The word "Staff" is printed in white lettering along the length of the fabric, ensuring that it's immediately clear who's a part of your team. Whether you're in an office, retail shop, school, or large event, this lanyard is a quick way to identify staff members.

Safety is also a key feature. The lanyard comes with a strong metal lobster clip that serves as a quick-release mechanism. If the lanyard is pulled or caught in something, the clip simply detaches, preventing any injury. Reattaching it is quick and straightforward.

Measuring 45cm end-to-end, it's long enough to comfortably put on and take off. Plus, it's the perfect length for attaching essential items like ID cards or keys, keeping them conveniently at hand as you go about your workday.

Ideal for any setting where quick and clear identification is necessary, this Staff Lanyard is not just about looks; it's a functional tool designed to make your daily tasks a bit easier.

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