Drone Pilot Double Sided ID Card - (Double sided)
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Product:  Drone Pilot Double Sided ID Card

Drone Pilot Double Sided Photo ID Card

If you've ever fancied taking to the skies with your personal drone in the UK, you should know there are certain legal obligations you need to adhere to, one of which is mandatory registration with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). Failing to do so could result in you facing a hefty penalty that can reach as high as £1,000. It's quite a bitter pill to swallow, isn't it? But don't worry! The registration process with the CAA is straightforward and user-friendly. Visit their website to find out more.

After you've successfully registered, why not make the experience more professional and handy by getting one of our Drone Pilot Photo ID Cards? This ID card is double-sided and carries essential features that not only validate your pilot status but also link you directly to the CAA.

The front of the card has your photo, your name and most importantly your Flyer ID and your Operator ID. The back of the card includes a magnetic strip along with a space for your signature. There is a QR code, which when scanned, takes you directly to the CAA website, providing quick access to resources and information.

Each card is made from biodegradable plastic, proving our commitment to both our customers and the environment. The dimensions of the card are standard, measuring 86mm by 54mm - the same as a typical credit card.

So are you ready to take your drone piloting to new heights and enjoy thrilling aerial adventures with one of our Drone Pilot ID Cards? Don't wait any longer. Register with the CAA, share your details, and let's soar together into an exciting future!

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