Early Onset Dementia Medical ID Alert Card - (Double sided)
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Product:  Early Onset Dementia Medical ID Alert Card

Easily Identify Early Onset Dementia with Our Medical ID Cards

While dementia is often associated with older age, it's important to acknowledge the existence of early-onset dementia, a form of the condition that can affect individuals as young as 30. Dealing with such a diagnosis can be tremendously challenging, introducing layers of complexity and stress into everyday life. Our Early-Onset Dementia Awareness Card has been developed to provide some assistance amidst these challenges.

The card serves as a visible reminder to others that the holder has early-onset dementia and could require help, particularly if they appear disoriented or confused. Such understanding from others can make a profound difference in managing this condition, reducing distress and facilitating much-needed assistance when needed.

Maintaining a normal routine is often a key strategy for those living with early-onset dementia. Therefore, our card is designed to be easily integrated into daily life. It has the same dimensions as a credit card, allowing it to be effortlessly stowed away in a wallet or purse. The cards are crafted from biodegradable plastic, demonstrating our commitment to sustainability. They are personalised with the holder's name on the front and two emergency contacts on the back, providing reassurance of help when required.

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