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Let us know here the name of the dog and the

name of the handler.  Please email the photograph


Please also let us know here if you want a hole

punched into the card.


Photo Assistance Dog ID Cards in the UK - Compliant with Equality Act 2010, Made from Biodegradable Plastic by The Card Project

Here at The Card Project UK Ltd, we're all about making life easier for assistance dogs and their owners. That's why we've created our Photo Assistance Dog ID Cards. They're not just ordinary cards – these are your key to a hassle-free life when you're out and about with your dog.

Each card is the same size as a regular credit card and includes a photo of your dog, along with both your names. But the most important part? They come with the clear statement: "Assistance dogs are permitted by law to accompany their owner in public places."

Why does that matter? Because in the UK, under the Equality Act 2010, your dog has the right to be with you everywhere you go, whether it's a shop, a restaurant, or public transport. This law ensures that you and your dog are always welcome, and our cards make it clear to everyone you meet.

Made from biodegradable plastic, these cards aren't just good for you and your dog; they're also good for the environment. And we make them right here in the UK.

So if you're tired of explaining why your dog can be with you, let our Photo Assistance Dog ID Cards do the talking. Order one today, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing the law is on your side.

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