I have a Hidden Disability
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Product:  I have a Hidden Disability

Make the Invisible Visible: The Importance of Our 'I Have a Hidden Disability' Card

Our "I Have a Hidden Disability" single-sided card is specifically designed to notify others that you have a condition not immediately visible. Hidden disabilities encompass a range of issues, from mental health challenges to chronic illnesses, which often go unnoticed. Because these disabilities are not easily seen, clear and immediate communication becomes crucial.

The card is 86mm by 54mm, the standard size for easy storage in any wallet or purse. The text is bold and easily readable, clearly stating: "I Have a Hidden Disability."

Carrying this card makes it simple to let others know you have a hidden disability. Whether it's healthcare staff, emergency teams, or just people you meet, having the card removes the awkwardness of having to explain yourself.

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