I Have Early Onset Dementia
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Product:  I Have Early Onset Dementia

Always Carry Your "I Have Early Onset Dementia" Card

Our "I Have Early Onset Dementia" single-sided card is designed to clearly and quickly communicate your medical condition. Early onset dementia can affect memory, thinking, and behaviour, which is essential information to convey in healthcare settings or emergencies.

The card has the standard dimensions of 86mm by 54mm, so it's easy to carry in any wallet or purse. The text is straightforward, stating: "I Have Early Onset Dementia."

Carrying this card is crucial for helping healthcare workers, emergency responders, and others understand your condition. If an emergency arises, the card aids in receiving the appropriate treatment as swiftly as possible.

The card's design is simple, but its utility is extremely valuable. It's an essential item for anyone dealing with early onset dementia.

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